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At Austco, our forward thinking software solutions for Acute Care are specifically designed to help our customers improve efficiency, cut costs and maximize patient satisfaction.
At Austco, we design advanced aged care call systems, and solutions that help communication for long-term facilities improve their processes and quality of resident care.
What's New
Austco’s Flagship Product, Tacera is now FDA Registered
Featured Product
Our nurse call button systems are designed by nurses for nurses. Unlike most conventional nurse call systems used for nursing, which react to events, Tacera is setting new standards by providing tools which analyze, anticipate, alert and act.

Designed For
Day Care Surgeries
State Hospitals
Private Hospitals
Other Clinical Environments
Improved Patient Satisfaction Benefits
Tacera enhances the care delivery process by optimizing procedures and resource planning workflows to such an extent that patients feel that they have the attention of the appropriate staff when they need it.
Empower Nurses with Technology Benefits
Tacera's real-time data distribution capabilities ensure faster responses to events and calls due to better connected staff. At the same time, your staff will have more confidence in the information they receive so they can make quicker, smarter decisions and spend more time caring for their patient.
Patient Communication System Benefits
Self-testing features on buttons and failover modes ensure the solution is always available, ensuring the security of patients. Real-time reporting provides important data to help facilities review, manage and plan processes in order to minimize risk for dementia care communication.
Reduce Overall Costs Benefits
With the streamlining of processes as a result of improved patient communication systems, efficient workflows which match the facilities needs are produced. This reduces 'waste' in terms of time and resources, which has a significantly positive effect on cost. In addition, access to real-time data and reporting enables decision-makers to evaluate processes and design strategies for improved cost reduction.