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Transform call data into intelligence

Tacera Pulse monitors nurse call alarms, collects alarm and response data, then creates metrics for measuring and analyzing performance outcomes.

Each of three report types provides actionable intelligence, allowing leadership to generate and monitor alarm data from the bed level up to the entire system.


Monitor the health of your healthcare

Keep your finger on the pulse of your facility with Dashboards. Pulse offers four “widgets”, each representing a single KPI.

Add widgets to the dashboard to monitor multiple areas of operational performance simultaneously. Add as many widgets of each type as you need to precisely track data at all levels of your facility.

Dashboards are highly configurable and allow users to choose how data is displayed, and how widgets are arranged.

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Available Widgets

Add multiple widgets of each type to effectively monitor your facility at all levels.

Alarm Type

A pie chart that shows the distribution of alarm types, for a given location and time frame.

Patient Calls

A bar chart showing the five locations that generate the most alarms.

Shift Compare

A grid of four KPIs that compare calls received on the selected shift to calls received on the previous instance of that shift.

Average Staff Presence

Reports the average staff presence duration for the configured date/time range.

Cleaning Mode

Reports the percentage of call points that have been put into cleaning mode over the configured date/time range.

Longest Staff Presence

Reports the staff presence event with the longest duration, and the location of the event, over the configured date/time range.

Staff Presence

Reports the total number of times the staff presence is activated over the configured date/time range.

Average Alarms per Bed

Reports the average number of alarms per bed (or other individual location) over the configured date/time range.