Infection Control

Austco buttons are manufactured from silicone rubber with an anti-bacterial additive for improved infection control. Also, to avoid accidental alarms during cleaning, the call points incorporate a cleaning mode. The cleaning time and date is logged on the central server, providing an important audit trail for infection control compliance.

Alarm Fatigue

Austco improves alarm fatigue in healthcare facilities by ensuring that specific calls are assigned directly to a staff member via voice or SMS, instead of communicating through a broadcast system.

In addition, medical device alerts can be connected to nurse call systems reducing the need for overhead pagers on the floor to a minimum.

Fall Prevention

Austco bed call points connect to bed mats and other sensing devices which then allows instant notifications to be sent to staff when a patient or resident leaves their bed. Furthermore, Austco provides a pattern controller device which alerts nurses each time that a non-typical behaviour occurs.

Dementia Care

For better dementia care, Austco provides several non-intrusive devices to monitor patients. Austco has tracking devices that alert carers if patients accidentally wander off the ward. Austco also provides behaviour pattern controllers that establish a resident’s typical behavioural pattern and alert staff to anticipate occasions when the resident may display non-typical behaviour. Early detection of non-typical behaviour can prevent falls, stitches and the need for other emergency medical care.

Social Isolation

Austco provides integration with infotainment technologies that offer entertainment (Pay TV, films on demand) and access to social media tools such as Facebook, Skype etc.

Providing patients and residents with improved entertainment can improve their quality of life  by reducing the feeling of social isolation which patients in aged care facilities and long-term patients at a hospital can experience.

Noise Level

By eliminating the need of overhead paging, patients can experience quieter environments, improving their sleep patterns, recovery rates and decrease the incidences of re-admission to hospitals.

Streamlined Operations

Austco Solutions can improve communication which helps healthcare facilities to optimise resources and activity pathways, resulting in cutting costs and increased revenue.