Pulse RTLS Features

Automated Workflow

Pulse RTLS can be configured to cancel alarms when a caregiver enters the room of a patient who placed a call. Caregivers no longer need to press a presence button, allowing them to focus fully on the patient.

Staff Presence Visibility

When a staff member enters a patient room, over-door lights are automatically illuminated to let other staff members know where caregivers are located. Similarly, a staff presence alert is registered on the Tacera interface.

Mobile Assistance

With a simple button push, staff members can send urgent requests for assistance from their precise location. The notifcations go directly to the nurse call system and wireless devices.

Robust Reporting

Pulse RTLS gather multiple key performance indicators related to staff and patient interactions, and makes the data available to staff and clinical leadership through customizable reports.

Built-in RTLS with direct integrations

Tacera’s built-in RTLS integration gives you the flexibility to pick a locating system that meets the needs of your staff and facility.

Tacera’s open API allows for a native integration with many of the industry leaders in RTLS solutions. No middleware required!

Tacera Nurse Call and your preferred RTLS system work simultaneously to provide a more efficient work flow, which translates directly to improved patient care.

How it works

RTLS Features (pdf)

How it worksAutomatic Call Cancellation and Staff Presence

When a patient or resident activates an alarm, the over-door light is illuminated and the alarm is displayed at the nurse’s station.

When a nurse or caregiver enters the room wearing their RTLS badge, the system notifies Tacera to cancel the alarm.

The over-door light and the nurse’s station then changes to reflect staff presence.

How it worksMobile Duress with RTLS Badges

When a nurse or caregiver presses the button on their RTLS badge, their precise location and alarm type are sent to Tacera Nurse Call. Tacera automatically activates the alarm at the caregiver’s location, and displays it on the nurse’s station.

The nurse or caregiver can then de-activate the mobile alarm directly from the RTLS badge.