Real Time Location Services

An RTLS integration improves patient care by enabling:

  • Automatic call cancellation for a hands-free workflow
  • Staff presence awareness
  • Mobile assistance requests
  • Sophisticated reporting

Tacera Pulse’s open API allows for a native integration with many of the industry-leading RTLS solutions. No middleware required!

Learn more about Pulse’s RTLS integration

Notification Devices

3rd-party pagers, mobile phones
Austco integrates with pagers, Spectralink, CISCO and Vocera devices, allowing caregivers to receive real-time notifications directly to their devices. This improves staff mobility and eliminates doubling up on tasks. The interface also enables healthcare facilities to assign specific alerts directly to a staff member, improving efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Facility Alarms

Tacera is a flexible alarm input system and is capable of integrating many facility alarms, such as:

  • Security Alarms
  • Intrusion Alerts
  • Panic Requests
  • Fire Alarms
  • Duress

Once a situation occurs, Austco’s nurse call System will receive an alert and intelligently route it to annunciators and facility staff via wireless devices. Intelligently routing to the right staff and displaying critical facility alarms for patients and staff make for a safer and secure workplace.

Bed Workflow

The Tacera and Bed Workflow system integration allows housekeepers to be notified when rooms require cleaning and sends a message once they are ready for new patient occupancy. Additionally, the integration enables hospitals to monitor the speed of bed turnover, significantly reducing patient waiting times, and increasing occupancy and bed changeovers.

Building Management

For a complete audit control, Tacera can send output information such as call events and system faults to the Building Management System. Thus, giving management teams access to complete, centralized data. High level interconnections of systems such as lighting and nurse call provide operational effectiveness. This removes the need for low level devices and offers potential for intelligent scene-based lighting to bring staff to the room.

Patient Administration

Tacera tracks Patient Administration System events and uses this information to associate patients to their respective beds and alarms. The patient name is displayed with alarms, while patient information can be viewed with a click. Tacera enhances patient personalization, thereby increasing staff awareness of patient information. Efficiency is further increased by the inclusion of data such as key particulars, treating doctor and next of kin.

Patient Entertainment

Austco integration with patient infotainment systems allow menu driven operation of a smart TV, bringing patient access to TV, movies, gaming, news and radio. It also grants access to a multitude of patient services such as meal ordering, Skype, social media, patient satisfaction surveys, prescription ordering and much more.

Furthermore, by integrating alarms into the system, patients can now activate nurse call and nurse assist alarms such as drink requests, toilet assistance, and room cleaning.