Pulse Mobile
Pulse Mobile is a native smartphone app that lets nurses manage alarms, and remote control the nurse call system, all from their personal smartphone.

Alarm Management Your alarms, on your phone

Receive assigned alarms on your iOS or Android phone

Nurses receive alarms from only patients/locations assigned to them. Alarms are received as push notifications, and will display in the same priority order as in the nurse call system.

Staff always know which alarms need attention, and can take several actions with each alarm: VOIP callback, Accept, Reject and Escalate.

VOIP Callback

Make an audio call to locations equipped with VOIP and speak to patients directly.


Accept call and alarms you intend to handle. Once accepted, the call disappears from the screen of other notified staff.


Reject those calls you can’t attend to. Once a call is rejected, it disappears from your screen, but is still visible to other notified staff.


Escalate calls that require extra staff assistance. Notification of the call will be sent to an additional list of configured staff.

Mobile Workflow Remote control the nurse call system

Trigger workflow calls and alerts directly on your smartphone.

Any care location can have virtual call points, and these are available to trigger through the mobile app. Pulse mobile will light the over-door light, play the tones, and the alerts will display on the master stations.

Virtual call points, remotely controlled, means the smartphone now becomes a mobile nurse call system.

Full staff mobility, no middleware required

Pulse Mobile is deployed entirely on Austco’s servers and existing architecture. It does not require any middleware to function. No 3rd-party integration can control the nurse call system like Pulse Mobile can.

All assignment, VOIP, and location information is tied to a user. So if a phone dies, gets damaged, lost or stolen, simply sign in to another phone and all data will be updated.

Pulse Mobile secures your data

Pulse Mobile does not use patient information. Pulse Mobile does not store any data on users’ phones. All data is removed when a user signs out.

Pulse Mobile is deployed on your secure Wifi network. If users leave the network, the app will not function by design, to prevent data leaving the facility.

How can Pulse Mobile help your team?

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