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Your alarms, on your phone

Nurses receive only their alarms, anywhere in the facility, for a truly mobile alarm management workflow.

Pulse mobile is ideal for a “bring your own device” setting. It runs natively on Android and iOS smartphones, so nurses can use the technology they already know.

VOIP Audio

It’s also a phone, of course

With VOIP calling, nurses can speak to any VOIP-enabled call point, meaning they are always in contact with their patients.

Alarm Functions

Manage Alarms on the Go

  • Accept

    Accept those calls you intend to handle. Once accepted, the call disappears from the screen of other notified staff.

  • Reject

    Reject those calls you can’t attend to. Once a call is rejected, it disappears from your screen, but is still visible to other notified staff.

  • VOIP Call

    Make an audio call to alarm locations equipped with VOIP and speak to patients directly.

  • Escalate

    Escalate calls that require extra staff assistance. Notification of the call will be sent to an additional list of configured staff.

Secure and Compliant

Pulse Mobile is HIPAA compliant and patient information is never stored or displayed on a nurse’s smartphone.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Pulse Mobile is conveniently available for download in the Apple and Google play stores. Simply connect to your facility’s Wi-Fi network, and Pulse Mobile will communicate with the Austco Mobile Gateway.