Tacera Nurse Call

Designed for nurses, by nurses.

Instead of reacting to events, Tacera sets new standards by providing tools which anticipate, alert and act.


Intelligent Technology for Better Care

Tacera is an IP-based communication system, where all system components are fully IP configurable, enabling real-time communication for measurable improvements to residents’ experience and quality of care.

Furthermore, Tacera is specifically designed to integrate with other systems in the market, such as: medical device systems (patient monitoring, ventilators, IV pumps etc), building systems.

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Benefits for Acute Care

Improved Patient Experience

Tacera optimises procedures and resource-planning workflows, such that patients feel that they have the attention of the appropriate staff when they need it.

Improved Staff Efficiency and Satisfaction

Real-time data distribution ensures faster responses to events and calls. Staff have confidence in the information they receive so they can make quicker, smarter decisions and spend more time caring for their patients.

Reduce and Manage Risk

Self-testing features on buttons and failover modes ensure that the system is always available, while real-time reporting provides important data to help facilities review, manage and plan processs in order to minimise risk.

Reduce Overall Costs

Streamlined processes prevent wasted time and resources, which reduces costs. Real-time data and reporting enable decision-makers to evaluate process and design strategies for improved cost reduction.

Benefits for Aged Care

Residents feel more independent

Tacera enables residents to have an active lifestyle without compromising on safety.

Ease of use for residents

All Tacera call points and pendants are especially designed with sensitive touch pads and immediate audio/visual feedback, making them easy to use for those with limited mobility, arthritis, sensory impairments and dementia.

Improved staff efficiency and satisfaction

Real-time data distribution ensures faster responses to events and calls. At the same time staff have more confidence in the information they receive so they can make quicker, smarter decisions and spend more time caring for residents.

Improved quality of service and care

By improving the quality of information made available to care staff, and ensuring that this information is delivered in real-time, ensures that care staff is always well informed and in the right place to answer to the residents needs.

Why Tacera?

Our industry-leading functionality and capabilities

Scalable and Future-Proof

Tacera can be tailored to customers’ existing and future needs. Tacera’s open architecture and ability to be fully integrated with new and existing software and middleware within the facility’s existing IT infrastructure, gives the system unrivalled scaling capability without impacting service availability.

Always On

Based on a unique decentralised architecture, which eliminates the need for a central server, Tacera maximises availability at all times. There is no single point of failure that might disrupt call signaling, plus self-testing capabilities and a failover mode for wards ensure that service is always available.

Messaging capabilities

Every device in the system is monitored and programmed via the facility’s LAN, enabling real-time clinical care information and patient data to be delivered or escalated to the right staff member, within a single department or across several, locally, remotely and to wireless staff station.

Real-time data distribution

While conventional systems react to events, Tacera sets new standards by providing tools to analyse, anticipate and alert healthcare staff to patients’ needs. Functionality such as deferred call and rounding, enables Tacera to schedule, anticipate and remind nurses and staff of procedures and requirements in advance of them becoming issues.

Infection Control

All Tacera buttons are manufactured from silicone rubber with an anti-bacterial additive and are for improved infection control. Also to avoid accidental alarms during cleaning, the call point incorporates a cleaning mode which logged all the cleaning time and date, providing an important audit trail for infection control compliance.


Tacera is specifically designed to integrate with a wide range of hardware, software and database systems, including; clinical alarms devices, RTLS, building management systems, wireless telephones and more.


Acute care specific management reporting toolsenable all activity to logged and audited, providing healthcare facilities with workflow and performance data critical to patient safety and satisfaction. For further reporting, Tacera integrates with existing databases via HL7 and ODBC.

Standards and Compliance

AS-3902 part 2

Quality Assurance

AS 3811:1998

Hard wired patient alarm

AS 4252.1 994

EMC General Emission Standards Part 1

AS 2999:1989

Alarm systems for the elderly and other persons at risk

AS 3200.1.1990

Medical Electrical Equipment Part 1 General Requirements for Safety

AS/NZS 3000:2000

Electrical Wiring Regulations (AUS/NZ)

UL 1069

Hospital Signalling and Nurse Call Equipment

C-Tick Electromagnetic Compatibility

CE Mark of European Conformity

In general accordance of ISO9002

Manufactured in general accordance with the requirements of international quality assurance standards ISO9002

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