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Annunciator Displays Showing the Way

In the maze of corridors in many hospitals, you can sometimes find yourself wondering where you are. It is therefore helpful to have signs or displays showing the name of the area of the hospital.

Austco’s latest Annunciator Displays have customisable home screens, where logos and important information can be displayed while there are no alarms to display. A good use-case for this therefore is displaying the area of the hospital in which the display is located. This information is replaced by alarm information if an alarm is to be displayed on this screen, but is displayed again once the alarm is cleared.

If the Hospital is reconfigured and the area changes use, the home screen can simply be reconfigured to show the new name for the area.

With Austco’s Pulse Manage, we have a number of screen types that can be configured in this way so you are not just limited to corridor displays.

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